Friday, 2 September 2011

Half way through - already!
Bikes, bikes - but is there a space to dock mine?

I'm half way through my stint at Times Higher, which is hard to believe - still struggling to learn how to write as a journalist. It's hard to report what others have  said and not slip in my own take on things - 'editorialising' as it's called. I did my  first phone interview yesterday with a professor in New York - having had several email  exchanges with various people. It certainly gave me fresh material, for an article on  self-plagiarism (for those who think that's an oxymoron, read the article!). I also went  to my first outside meeting - a briefing on climate modelling with Professor Alan Thorpe,  Director General of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), at the  Wellcome Foundation on Euston Road. Only about 10 people were there, including Susan Watts  from the BBC who asked a question about cloud physics. 
An electric car plugged in outside the office.

I've been using the TFL Barclays bikes (better known as Boris bikes) here for the first time and found them really useful, although struggled to release them from the docking station until someone explained you have to lift the back wheel - nowhere does it tell you this. The main problem is finding a space at your destination, which can take longer than the journey. On Wednesday eveing I cycled  about 2 miles to join another media fellow, Hamish, and some people from the British Science Association at a Science Museum 'late' opening (adults only, so they can play on  the hands-on stuff unpestered). I spent about 15 minutes, first to find the docking point at South Ken. was full, then going up to an almost empty one on Princes Gate which is a fair  walk from the museum. But it's only £1 for 24 hours access, and for that rides under 30  minutes are free. They are easy and fun to ride, and of course you don't have to worry  about security once the bike is redocked. There are so many cyclists in London now that it  is reaching a 'tipping point' for tranport around the centre.

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